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Backyard Christian Family Ministries

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to encourage church leaders and to help Christian families commit to the protection and support of the whole family and the greater Christian community. We seek to support Biblically-based churches by teaching both personal and spiritual disciplines, Christian cultural standards, Christian covenant relationships, and holy living from a Christian historical perspective. 

Vision Statement 

Partnering with local churches to develop Biblical leadership within the home, church, and community, we serve as a liaison between individuals, local churches, ministries, and organizations. 


Backyard Christian Family Ministries does not provide Legal, Accounting, Debt Consolidation, Credit Counselling, Financial, Insurance or Spiritual advice. Regulatory bodies govern all of these professions.

Lift up the broken, enlarge the small, and favour the weak

Have patience with each other

Be Generous

Don’t withhold forgiveness

Keep your promises

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